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Ann Corley Silverman

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Ann Corley Silverman


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Columbus OH 43209-2957
United States
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United States
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Paper is a medium that brings me in and out of doors. A stitchery of making that both explores and creates the nature of my humanity.
As an artist I am pretty haphazard and undisciplined. As a human I try to tend and care for the people and things around me. In my idiom that always involves doing and making. The themes that repeat involve family histories of literary work and hand work, and my own engagement in gardening, food service and composting -- viewed through lenses of interest in religion, philosophy, and physics.
Overly broad... but I did mention haphazard and undisciplined.

Ann Corley Silverman
CLASS: Mixed Media
CATEGORY: Abstract
MEDIA: Paper
SIZE: 8 ft. tall
YEAR: 2008

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